New Approach Securing the Internet of Things


  • Sridarala ramu



Machine Learning, detection systems, IoT, Big data


IOT connected objects are new technologies used to connect objects to the internet and to users. The IOT influences our daily life in several fields such as logistics, health, energy, intelligent vehicles, the smart home or the smart city ... Subsequently, following the specific characteristics of the different areas of use, a multitude IOT applications have been developed and deployed using different IOT frameworks. An IOT framework is a set of rules, protocols and standards that simplify the implementation of IOT applications. The proper functioning and success of these applications depends on the characteristics of the framework, and also on the security mechanisms used. In this article, we will discuss the frameworks used by presenting the proposed architecture of each framework, the compatible hardwares and softwares and the security mechanisms used, then a comparative study of these frameworks will be presented. Finally, we will propose an architecture of a secure IOT framework.



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