Attacks on Graphical Password: A Study on Defense Mechanisms and Limitations


  • Indrani Roy
  • Ajmerry Hossain
  • Sarker T. Ahmed Rumee Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, University of Dhaka



Graphical passwords, Attacks, Defenses, Security, User authentication


User authentication is mostly reliant on password-based based verification. Users generally used text-based passwords, which are user-friendly but often predictable and vulnerable to some common attacks. To overcome these shortcomings, graphical authentication methods have emerged. Here, users choose a sequence of images as passwords. Though such methods help users to better remember their passwords, they too suffer from attacks seen in the case of textual passwords. This paper presents a comprehensive summary of the vulnerabilities state of the art graphical password schemes against the following well-known attacks -  Dictionary, Guessing, Brute force, Shoulder surfing, Spyware, and Social engineering. We believe the findings of this study can help researchers design more secure graphical password schemes making them more usable and a realistic replacement for text-based passwords.




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I. Roy, A. Hossain, and S. T. . Ahmed Rumee, “Attacks on Graphical Password: A Study on Defense Mechanisms and Limitations”, IJITAS, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 180-183, Dec. 2021.