The Moroccan company at the time of the crisis and the practice of foresight: Choice or Necessity?


  • BENATTOU EL IDRISSI AMINA Laboratoire de Recherche et Études en Management Entrepreneuriat et Finance LAREMEF ENCG University Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah– Fez - Morocco



Corporate Foresight, Strategic Foresight, Forcasting, Future Thinking.


Faced with the incessant changes in the environment, the frenetic acceleration of technology and the succession of crises, the entrepreneurial spirit of the future must acquire philosophical skills to understand the complexity of societies, to strengthen the capacities to engage in collaborative systems thinking, to make sense of the past and present, and to anticipate the future. Hence the advent of corporate foresight, a forecasting practice which finds its roots in the 1930s, and which, thanks to its invented techniques, has enabled so many companies to overcome unprecedented crises. This scientific paper aims to understand the position of the Moroccan company vis-à-vis the Foresight. Our objective is to provide, by means of a narrative literature review, elements of answers to the following questions: Where is the Moroccan manager with regard to these preferred scientific practices? how does he perceive them? Is the adoption of foresight envisaged or is it necessary in this globally unstable environment dominated by crises? This paper shows the need to adopt foresight management, through a critical reading of the crisis exit plans proposed by many researchers to save the Moroccan VSME victims of the health crisis.




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BENATTOU EL IDRISSI AMINA. (2023). The Moroccan company at the time of the crisis and the practice of foresight: Choice or Necessity?. International Journal of Economic Studies and Management (IJESM), 3(1), 259–270.